March 31 Covid-19 Update from Asia

  Asia continues to see additional measures taken to contain Covid-19 including temporarily closing borders in order to keep out foreign cases.  Countries are implementing differing plans to stop local spread from social distancing recommendations to localized or nationalized lockdowns.  A newer tactic emerging is the lockdown of specific apartment blocks which has occurred in […]

March 23, Covid-19 Update from Asia

Here are the latest updates from Asia.  We are seeing additional countries restricting entry, requiring health certificates in some cases and additional self or mandatory quarantines (typically 14 days) for new arrivals.  

March 19, Covid-19 Update from Asia

The news is both good and bad across our 17 countries.  For good news, China has not seen new domestic cases of infection for a couple days now.  Hokkaido Prefecture which once had the highest rate of infections in Japan, is now set to end its state of emergency and move to new, less-restrictive precautionary […]