April 7 Covid-19 Asia Update

Asia has seen additional and strengthened measures go into effect in the past few days including the first Stay at Home notice issued in Singapore. Some self-isolation measures have now become mandatory quarantine in government facilities and crossing borders has become even more challenging. China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Korea continue to show evidence that […]

April 3 Covid-19 Update from Asia

This week saw fewer changes than the previous one, however there are still new containment programs being implemented.  In many of our service countries, face-to-face accompanied services are temporarily suspended and social distancing rules are in place to limit local spread.  Where services are either ready to return or still possible, they may still be impacted by […]

CEO’s Update | Spread and Containment of Covid-19 in Asia

We have unfortunately not seen the positive news we wished for in Asia over the last 10 days. There is a tiny indication from this graph that daily new cases might start to decline (for Asia as a whole), but it is too early to tell. Several more countries have implemented lockdowns or other social […]