Welcome to the Asian Century | Part 1

The Asian Century is the time when the collective Asian economies will be larger than the combined economies of the rest of the world. That time is now. In the first of two articles being published in Relocate Magazine online, we take a dive into Asia’s development into a global center of power. There is […]

Hong Kong

Where are the World’s Most Competitive Economies?

According to the report from IMD Business School in Switzerland, Asia is home to the most competitive economies in the world. Singapore took the number one spot and Hong Kong sits at number two.  Both beating number 3 ranked US. The rankings, which started in 1989, assess 63 economies on 235 indicators. The gauges include […]

Holi – you know what it looks like, but…

Holi is one of India’s most globally visible holidays.  Beyond the well-known images, what is the celebration about? The festival is the second largest for the Hindu religion.  It marks the beginning of Spring and dates back at least to the 4th century. There is also strong religious and mythology reasons behind the rituals and […]