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Destination Overview

The great mix of Malay, Chinese, Indians and Europeans all living and working together also provides a great opportunity to experience the amazing cultural depth that Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

Malaysia is part of the Malay Peninsula in southeast Asia. It’s mostly covered by forest, which provides the world with ebony, sandalwood, teak, and other woods. The inhabited regions filled with a diverse and vibrant culture. In Malaysia, you’ll find the juxtaposition of old and new with skyscrapers next to wooden stilt homes; and a temperate exchange from rugged mountaintops to sandy beaches. You would be hard pressed to not find something to like about Malaysia.

Quick Info

  • Currency: RM
  • Electricity: 240 V, 50 Hz, plug type G
  • Languages: English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malayu
  • Population: 29.2 million


There is quite a price difference if you are looking to find a property somewhere in central Kuala Lumpur as opposed to outer suburbs. Condominiums are quite popular, as they offered increased security and a range of facilities including swimming pools , tennis courts, gymnasiums or playgrounds. Other housing options include bungalows (large free standing house), terraced houses and apartments. Prices vary by location.

Typical Costs

Temporary Accommodation
  • Studio – USD 80/night
  • One Bedroom – USD 160/night
  • Two Bedroom – USD 288/night
Permanent Accommodation
  • Studio – RM3000/month
  • One Bedroom – RM4500/month
  • Two Bedroom – RM8000/month
  • Holding Deposit – 1.5 months rent
  • Security Deposit – 2 months rent

Fun Fact

Malaysians eat frequent small meals, giving the impression that they are always eating.


Education may be obtained from the multilingual public school system, which provide free education for all Malaysians, or private schools, or through homeschooling. American, British, Australian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Iranian, and Canadian curricula are offered.

Typical Costs

Average Costs
  • Pre-K – RM51800
  • Elementary – RM61560
  • Secondary Schooling – RM75000

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Fast Facts

  • Languages

    Very common that the Malaysian can speak at least 3 languages and a few dialects.

  • Hands Off

    In Malaysia, you should keep your hands to yourself. Even in a crowded situation, "the hands-off" stance is observed.

  • Mt. Kinabalu

    The highest mountain in South East Asia and also the highest point in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu lies in the state of Sabah, East Malaysia.

  • Racing

    The Malaysian Grand Prix held at the Sepang Circuit is the key event in the international Formula One calendar.

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