Time-tested, cost-effective programs.

Above all, we believe in delivering highly personalized services to our customers.

World Class Destination Services Across Asia

Saving you time, money, and energy

Relo Network Asia services are designed to provide maximum assignee support with minimum disruption to work and home life. Our time-tested service programs save time, money and energy for everyone involved. From securing the right Visa to tying up loose ends at departure, we can help at every milestone of the expatriate lifecycle.

Our experienced and knowledgeable on-the-ground Consultants guide assignees and families through each service. They know the ins and outs of each process and the challenges of each culture.

An Relo Network Asia Single Point of Contact works directly with our clients to ensure the fulfillment of our service commitments and to provide the feedback essential to a Global Mobility professional's job.

Did you know? Using a DSP Saves Money

We settle people into their permanent residence quicker, introduce them to reputable service providers in the community, and offer local knowledge of best buys. As a result, employees get to work quicker and stay focused.

All services include:

A Single Point of Contact - Our Single Point of Contact ensures compliance, oversees the service delivery and provides frequent updates on assignee progress.

Needs Assessment - After first reviewing all information provided by our clients, we will conduct a needs analysis to gather only any additional information needs required.

Service Customization - Based upon the needs and concerns of every assignee and/or family, each service will be customized.

20,000 Families

Relo Network Asia has helped more than 20,000 families gracefully transition to life in a new host country.

Need Something Specific?

Let us customize a program to fit your need.  We are experts at turning a problem or policy requirement into a  cost-effective solution.  In fact, the only thing as satisfying to our team as a well-settled assignee is developing the programs and tools that make it happen.

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