UPDATE 11/12 Singapore VTL: Notice for those with US Vaccinations

The Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lanes open up quarantine-free travel for fully-vaccinated travelers.  For those vaccinated in the US or Canada, providing proof of vaccination that is acceptable to the Singapore authorities is not easy. There have been multiple reports that share the experiences of our own which highlight a challenge for some would-be VTL travelers […]

It’s About to Get Complicated

As we all cheer the start of more open borders in Asia, we also need to be prepared for what lies ahead. As complex a process awaits as the one we experienced going into the lockdowns. We will need to communicate and coordinate closely together to make the best of the available situation. When analyzing […]

VTL – Vaccinated Travel Lanes | Who Can enter Singapore?

Singapore has opened borders for fully-vaccinated travelers arriving through Vaccinated Travel Lanes.   Who qualifies under the program and what is the process? The short answer is, that things change frequently.  Before making any plans, please check the link here from the immigration authorities.  It contains a checklist of requirements for travellers seeking entry into […]