Our countries in Asia continue to make small changes, but most border restrictions remain while vaccination efforts continue.

The number of cases in Malaysia remains higher than neighbouring countries, but total cases per day are decreasing.  Only Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar continue rising counts of new covid cases.

As such, Indonesia has implemented some tighter local restrictions.  Taiwan has extended local restrictions through 12 July and the ban on foreign nationals without a valid Alien Resident Certificate.  Singapore has banned arrivals with a history in New South Wales over the last 21 days including short-term travellers holding an ATP.  In Korea, short-term business travellers may now apply for visas and travellers from the UK have been removed from the high-risk country list.

Vaccinations continue to provide some benefit.   Korea announced that from 1 July, mandatory quarantine for fully vaccinated foreigners will be lifted.  Starting 30 June in Hong Kong, fully vaccinated residents from most locations will have mandatory hotel quarantine shortened to 7 days, down from 21.  The rule will apply to foreigners sometime in July.

*******Update from 6/25:

HONG KONG: Indonesia has been added to the list of high-risk countries and travelers who have spent over 2 hours within the previous 21 days are barred entry.

AUSTRALIA:  A lockdown is in place through 2 July in Sydney and surrounding areas.

You can download the entire report here.

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