Introduce the destination before arrival

Program Overview

The ePre-Arrival Orientation Program introduces the new location before the first visit or the final move. An alternative to the traditional accompanied, “Look-See” / “Pre-Arrival” / Familiarization Trip” this program is delivered through email and chat, video conferencing mediums and our destination mobile App.

All programs will be customized based on assignee needs in the destination, and for assignee preferences in terms of the platforms used to provide the program.

The additional Video Enhancement provides up to three customized videos to address the assignee and family’s greatest areas of interest or concern. Each one covers a primary location selected by the assignee. Based upon time differences and logistics, videos can be delivered either pre-recorded or live-streamed.

Program Includes

  • Needs analysis consultation to understand the assignee and family’s needs, desires and concerns
  • Comprehensive overview consultation to provide an overview of the destination based upon the needs analysis which may include:
    • City Overview Presentation
    • Sample Properties (temporary, permanent)
    • Introduction to areas within the destination
    • Introduction to international schooling options
    • Transportation Overview (public, private)
    • Safety and Security
    • Local Customs and Cultural Tips
    • Information on recreation, shopping, places of worship
    • Destination Mobile App

Optional Video Enhancement:

  • Up to three custom videos (pre-recorded or live-streamed where possible) selected by the assignee:
    • Property Options (temporary or permanent)
    • Residential / Commercial Areas
    • Amenities such as supermarkets, recreational facilities, etc.
    • Popular or famous attractions in the location
    • Transportation options (public / private)



eVisit is a digital training tool that can be delivered as either an online presentation or over the phone.   Presentations are for 1 – 2 hours and include a questions and answer session.

Topics typically include:

  • Destination Overview
  • Business Manners
  • Driving