February 26, Weekly Covid Update from Asia

Changes have been slow this week with continued extension of existing measures. On the side of good news, Hong Kong has relaxed local precautions somewhat and up to four people may now gather in public, paving the way for a return to normal service delivery. More countries began vaccination efforts this week.  Australia, Korea and Hong Kong joined […]

February 5, 2021 Weekly Covid Update from Asia

Slow Progress for Change and Vaccinations The latest data available from January 30th shows that Hong Kong, Japan and Australia are the only Relo Network Asia countries with enough vaccines contracted to cover 100% of their populations.   Macau, South Korea and India are close with between 85 – 94%.  Some countries, including Singapore do not […]

January 8, Weekly Covid Update from Asia

Happy New Year. We had hoped that the holiday season would be quiet.  Instead, we were kept busy updating several changes to our blog, which are now also contained in this report. There have been several changes to border and arrival protocols due to the COVID-19 variants recently discovered in the UK and South Africa. […]