June 25, Covid-19 Update from Asia

June 30th is an approaching deadline for travel bans and lockdowns in multiple locations. Thailand and Vietnam both have border bans set to expire on the 30th of this month.  Myanmar’s flight ban, Jakarta, Indonesia’s emergency response and India’s national lockdown and school closures all also expire officially on that same deadline.  We can hope […]

May 22, Covid-19 Update from Asia

In Asia and around the world, we saw substantial advancement towards easing restrictions on movement and businesses.   This week, Brunei, Cambodia, Japan (with exception of Tokyo) and Thailand join the list of countries where we are able to deliver traditional face-to-face destination services. Service delivery remains suspended only in India, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. As represented in […]

April 30, Covid-19 Update from Asia

This week has seen some softening of social distancing measures with some countries lowering their emergency level.  India and Thailand are easing some domestic travel as is Vietnam who also lifted most stay at home requirements this week.  China has created a “fast track” entry for business travelers from South Korea, becoming first to permit border crossings. […]