Inflation Part III: Necessary Conversation | Pricing

Inflation will continue to ebb and flow, but the likelihood of a return to an “old-world” or pre-pandemic financial situation is slim, especially in the near term. As consumers, we already acutely feel the impact of inflation on our daily lives. As business leaders, rising costs necessitate changes to how we procure the components of […]

Part II: How Companies Manage Inflation

In Part I: we examined the causes of inflation, and in Part II, we will turn attention to the impact of inflation on companies. Just as higher prices impact what consumers pay, they also impact what companies pay for the goods and talent needed to produce their products. As the cost for components of a […]

Competition for Talent in China Creates Hukou Change

Recently, Shanghai, in an effort to attract top talent, offered hukou to graduates from leading universities. Other, less populous cities and regions have also been providing pathways to obtain Hukou for desired new residents, a task that would have been prohibitive in the past. Now, the city of Zhengzhou has become the first large city […]