CEO’s Update | Spread and Containment of Covid-19 in Asia

We have unfortunately not seen the positive news we wished for in Asia over the last 10 days. There is a tiny indication from this graph that daily new cases might start to decline (for Asia as a whole), but it is too early to tell. Several more countries have implemented lockdowns or other social […]

March 19, Covid-19 Update from Asia

The news is both good and bad across our 17 countries.  For good news, China has not seen new domestic cases of infection for a couple days now.  Hokkaido Prefecture which once had the highest rate of infections in Japan, is now set to end its state of emergency and move to new, less-restrictive precautionary […]

Pepper Fans Rejoice | Kampot Makes a Comeback

Pepper can be humble, it can be spicy but without a doubt it is essential. To better define Pepper’s place in the world, it was once almost unaffordable for the Queens and Kings of Europe.  The desire for more cost-effective options changed the world as the likes of Christopher Columbus set out to find more […]