Turning Ash into Lemonade

The Taal volcano in the Philippines has destroyed homes, but it hasn’t destroyed hope. Ash that has fallen on a nearby town is being turned into bricks that will help its neighbors rebuild.  The mayor of Binan has inspired the residents of his town to collect the fallen ash, bag it and send it to […]

Chinese New Year 2020

Lunar New Year 2020: Year of the Rat

The solar date of Saturday, January 25th will be celebrated around the world, but especially in Asia. Well-known globally as either the Lunar New Year, Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, the holiday is an important one inside and outside of China.  The timing of the holiday follows the lunar cycle and is celebrated upon […]

Best Pizza in Beijing

Pizza likely isn’t the first food that comes to mind in China, but Beijing just voted for the top places to get a great pie. (or bun). Imported ovens from New York, cheese from Italy and typical thin crust are offered at various pizza restaurants around town.  There are plenty of spots for traditionalists, but […]