The week-by-week change of new infections is heading in the right direction for many of our countries. However, increases are still being seen in Myanmar, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Borders remain unchanged for the most part since last week, while domestic measures have seen some alterations.
An outbreak in China’s Guangdong Province has prompted more domestic controls and has impacted travelers from that location arrival protocols in Singapore. In addition, Macau has increased the testing requirement for arrivals from several countries, including Brazil, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines.  Taiwan and India have both extended local restrictions.

Vaccinations continue to be slower than desired, yet progress is being made in several locations. As a result, the impact of vaccines upon travel is slow to come. However, the Philippines just announced that fully vaccinated residents who received their vaccinations domestically no longer need to take a PCR test upon arriving home and will now only quarantine for a reduced 7 days.


You can download a copy of this report here.

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