Q1 | 2023 Asia Situation Update

Overall, there has been a stabilization reported in many countries. The pace of change has stabilized. However, the costs and pricing continue, in most cases, to remain high. In other words, we have not reverted to the status quo of prepandemic availability and pricing. What is happening is more of a reset that considers lower […]

Q2 Asia Update | Inflation – Pricing – Capacity

The US is dealing with high inflation, and EMEA faces a cost of living crisis – what is happening in Asia? A little mix of everything.   Assignees relocating to and within Asia are managing challenges that vary in severity and sector by country. In some locations, these challenges are caused by relaxation of covid […]

Q1 2022 Asia Update | Inflation – Pricing – Capacity

The end of Q1 2022 found Asia in a markedly different place from the start of the year. As borders open in many of our locations, the next set of challenges is steadily creeping into focus. During the Relocation Reboot stage of this pandemic, assignees and their families need as much, if not more, support […]