Learn about your neighborhood

Program Overview

Our Area Orientation Program introduces what life is like in a host country. Customized to fit the needs of the assignee and family, the accompanied program guides the relocating parties through the top-level need to know combined with all the details regarding areas of interest or concern. Used as a candidate recruitment tool or a pre-arrival orientation, the understanding gained through the program is an invaluable tool.

Program Includes

  • Pre-Arrival Consultation
  • Overview of the destination
  • Sample temporary and/or permanent accommodations
  • Transportation Overview, both public and private
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Safety and security overview
  • Spouse / Partner information (local networking and volunteer opportunities)
  • Recreation, including social clubs, associations and leisure activities
  • Food and personal product resources, availability and recommendations for what to bring and difficult to find items
  • Digital Resource Kit complete with map and essential local publications