Settle in quickly

Program Overview

Getting established with everything needed in a new home is simplified and fast-tracked with a Settling-In Program. This program helps with all the practical aspects of living in a new environment. During the customized service delivery, our Destination Consultant provides answers to all the initial “how do I” and “where do I” questions.

Program Includes

  • Area map with home, office, school and other essential information highlighted
  • Host country overview including background information, history and laws
  • Introduction and assistance with services including opening a bank account and obtaining mobile phone service
  • Information and contacts for banking, shopping, media, telecommunications, transportation, medical facilities and personal safety
  • Doctors, Hospitals, Dentists, Leisure Facilities, Expat Groups, Shopping, Dining out, Markets and Grocery Stores, Insurance, Local Transportation, etc.
  • Local Government Compliance, where required
  • Assistance and advice on resources for hiring domestic help and drivers