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Destination Overview

Tiny Country, Big Impact

Brunei is a small, tropical country with a tiny population---just 400,000 residents. But small doesn't mean insignificant. Brunei has one of the highest standards of living of anywhere in the world, the country is quite wealthy due to a booming oil and gas industry. Over 40% of the population of Brunei is made up of expatriates, some who are on short-term work assignments, and others who were drawn to it because of the prospect of tax-free income.

Quick Info

  • Currency: Brunei dollar (BND)
  • Electricity: 240 V Frequency 50 Hz
  • Languages: Malay, English, Chinese
  • Population: 415,000


Most expatriates in Brunei live in large, detached single-family houses, which are the most typical style of housing in Brunei. Apartments and condominiums are limited and not very common.

Typical Costs

Temporary Accommodation
  • 1-bedroom apartment in the City Centre:  1100 BND
  • 1-bedroom apartment outside the City Centre: 700 BND
  • 3-bedroom apartment in the City Centre:  2250 BND
  • 3-bedroom apartment outside the City Centre:  965 BND

Fun Fact

Bruneians don’t point using their index fingers; this is considered impolite. They point with their thumbs instead.


Education is free to the citizens of Brunei, and expatriates can send their children to state schools for a (usually small) fee. Most people choose to send their children to private or international schools, which provide a more rounded education and go all the way up to the university level.

Typical Costs

Average Cost
  • 1050-4765 BND per term, depending on grade level.

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Fast Facts

  • Cuisine

    Biryani, which is rice combined with cumin, pepper, eggs and vegetables, is a very popular dish in Brunei.

  • Dress

    Women, even non-Islamics, are expected to dress modestly in public.

  • Oil industry

    The oil industry in Brunei is booming.

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