June 25, 2021 Weekly Covid Report

Our countries in Asia continue to make small changes, but most border restrictions remain while vaccination efforts continue. The number of cases in Malaysia remains higher than neighbouring countries, but total cases per day are decreasing.  Only Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar continue rising counts of new covid cases. As such, Indonesia has implemented some […]

June 4, 2021 Weekly Covid Update

I received notification from two USA-based covid reports advising today’s email update would be the last. I look forward to sending you all the same message regarding the situation in Asia. The good news is that vaccinations are effective for reopening economies and borders.  The bad news is that vaccinations aren’t happening quickly enough or […]

May 28, 2021 Weekly Covid Update

There have been very few changes this week as the infection rates remain high for most locations. The speed of infections continued almost unabated while local restrictions have been put into place to slow the pace.  Vietnam experienced the most rapid increase jumping from 90 days to only 21 days for the country to double […]