March 12, Weekly Covid Report from Asia

We have revised the way we count vaccinations in each country. The calculations used in the previous report used data that is not available from all countries.  The “% Population Vaccinated” has been revised to “% Population with At Least 1 Dose” and now uses the total number of vaccines distributed divided by the population […]

February 26, Weekly Covid Update from Asia

Changes have been slow this week with continued extension of existing measures. On the side of good news, Hong Kong has relaxed local precautions somewhat and up to four people may now gather in public, paving the way for a return to normal service delivery. More countries began vaccination efforts this week.  Australia, Korea and Hong Kong joined […]

February 19, Weekly Covid Update from Asia

Our report has been revised to include formation regarding the latest critical component to the pandemic, vaccines. Vaccines will significantly impact the ability to cross borders, the length and necessity of quarantines, and the frequency of COVID PCR testing requirements.  What and when any relaxation of existing non-pharmaceutical measures will be felt remains uncertain. The […]