Best Pizza in Beijing

Pizza likely isn’t the first food that comes to mind in China, but Beijing just voted for the top places to get a great pie. (or bun). Imported ovens from New York, cheese from Italy and typical thin crust are offered at various pizza restaurants around town.  There are plenty of spots for traditionalists, but […]

Thanksgiving in Asia

US Citizens have multiple options for giving thanks. While the US Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated at the end of November, the art of being thankful isn’t exclusive to America. In Asia, the Mid Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival is the time for families to come together.  The festival is celebrated in countries across Asia including […]

Housing Options for Interns in Asia

An assignment in Asia presents a huge opportunity for early career employees, it also presents some very big challenges.  Housing costs in cities like Tokyo or Shanghai often don’t align with internship salaries. When one bedroom apartments come at a premium, looking outside that market to new housing models during the home finding can be […]