One Day DSP Programs | Myths and Realities

In 2023, we observed a significant rise in demand for one-day standalone destination services, particularly in home-finding assistance. This surge can be attributed to various factors, including economic uncertainties and evolving trends in employee relocations. However, this shift has presented challenges in service delivery and assignee experience, prompting us to explore further. Our white paper […]

Where You Belong for Teams

The latest market reports have been uploaded into Where You Belong for Teams. Our Where You Belong mobile app, Teams version, is designed to provide a comprehensive toolkit and quick-access resource for our client relocation counselors and managers. The app is tailored specifically for relocation counselors and client services managers, offering country overviews for 15 […]

Updated for 2024 | Asia Situation Report

Highlights from our team on recent changes impacting expatriate assignments across our 15 destination locations. Relocating employees and families face different challenges based on their destination.  Our report focuses on those critical issues.  Summaries provided by our local teams help you set the right expectations well before arrival in the country. We’ve made some changes […]