Asia Situation Update Q2 | 2024

Our latest report is out and reading for reading or downloading.   Report Highlights: Demand for housing in Brunei has increased, putting pressure on the limited expat property sector. Cambodia expat rental prices have lowered.  A 2-day home finding is recommended. Lack of language skills complicates expats’ adoption of local payment apps in China, Shanghai, […]

Credit Saison Introduces Rental Guarantees to Simplify Housing for Foreign Residents in Japan

Credit Saison has unveiled a new service to address the standard requirement of a guarantor in Japanese rental agreements to streamline the rental process for foreign residents in Japan. The initiative will help to ease the challenges expatriates and newcomers face when seeking accommodation in the country.   In Japan, corporate leases are preferred by […]

Q4 Asia Situation Updates – Visa, Immigration and Destination Services

Our teams highlight recent changes impacting expatriate assignments into our 15 destination locations. The meteoric rise in prices for Singapore and Japan seems to have slowed and in some cases stalled. Like other countries which opened borders earlier, things have stabilized at high levels of demand and costs. Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines have yet […]