Jakarta traffic

7 Days, 1,000 Traffic Violations

Newly installed traffic cameras in Jakarta, Indonesia catch 1,000 moving violations during the first week in operation. Not every country interprets traffic rules the same way or enforces them to the same degree.  There are many countries in Asia where we recommend assignees hire a car and driver rather than make the necessary adjustments to […]

$ingapore – As Expensive as it Seems?

While “expensive” is open to interpretation, Singapore has been ranked the world’s most expensive city the past five years running. Business Insider reports that the biggest contributing factor to this status is the cost of owning a car.  (The cost of clothing was second.) Driving in Singapore is highly organized with well-kept roadways and drivers […]

Jakarta Skyline

Almost there – new public transport for Jakarta

It looks like the new Mass Rapid Transit is over 90% complete and set for an early 2019 launch. Jakarta, Indonesia’s massive capital city has some of the world’s worst traffic congestion.  There are several measures in place to help reduce traffic, but one of the best is coming soon. The initial line is on […]