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Destination Overview

A Country Divided

Korea is an East Asian territory that is divided into two very separate states: North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is heavily governed and regulated, with the government controlling all news that is shown on television, while South Korea tends to allow more freedom of expression and is less controlling overall.

Quick Info

  • Currency: Won
  • Electricity: 220 V, 60 Hz, plug types C and F
  • Languages: Korean, English
  • Population: 50 million


You will likely be expected to pay "key money," which is essentially a very large deposit. The higher the key money, the lower your rent will end up being. Utilities like water, gas, electricity and cable will set you back about USD 80/month, and a high-speed internet connection will cost you an additional USD 25/month.

Typical Costs

Temporary Accommodation
  • 1-bedroom flat, unfurnished:  KRW 1-5 million deposit plus KRW 450,000/month
  • 1-bedroom flat, furnished:  KRW 1-5 million deposit plus KRW 650,000/month
  • 2-bedroom flat, unfurnished:  KRW 1-5 million deposit plus KRW 700,000/month
  • 2-bedroom flat, furnished, luxury:  KRW 1-5 million deposit plus KRW 1,000,000/month

Fun Fact

Nearly all restaurants in South Korea will deliver food to you via a delivery driver on a motorcycle—even McDonald's, which gives "fast food" a whole new meaning.


South Koreans place great emphasis on education, spending three times as much on it as Americans. Children are often in school for a minimum of 8 hours a day, and then frequently go to "cram schools" to study after school. There was even school on Saturdays until that practice was stopped in 2012.

Typical Costs

Average Cost

Typically 5,000 EUR/year. This is increasing to 6,500 EUR for high school plus additional fees of approximately 1,000 EUR.

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Fast Facts

  • The Year 103?

    In North Korea, it isn't considered 2014, but rather, 103—the number of years since the birth of the founder of the country, Kim Il-Sung.

  • Vehicles

    Only military and government officials can own cars in North Korea.

  • Taxis

    If you hire a grey or white taxi, you would get a basic car with a qualified but not very experienced driver. If you hire a black cab, you'll get a luxury car with a more experienced driver.

  • Shopping

    South Koreans love to shop, so much so that some malls are open until 4 a.m.

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