Program Overview

At its most basic, Core/Flex gives employers another tool in their global mobility tool kits.  One that is flexible enough to offer a great variety of optional programs, structured enough to ensure the money is well-spent and customizable enough to provide for assignee choice.  It reverses the prevailing model of fitting assignments into the existing benefit structure and allows for crafting benefits that fit the assignment.

Core/Flex is also flexible in the way it adapts to the specific needs of each destination.  The “Core” services change based upon the destination, making sure to address local compliance and security needs while providing consistency of service across all locations.

Service packages can be assembled into employer-selected services, or employers can define the “core” services and what else can be offered as optional additional benefits for assignees to select. Either option represents a right-sized program that is cost-effective upfront and minimizes the potential for costly errors in the future.  Pricing can also be structured to fit multiple scenarios: all employer paid, employer paid “Core” with employee paid “Flex” and all employee paid.  Employment payment and selection can also be based upon the price or a point system.