Three Months of Open Borders | China

On January 8, Zero-Covid policies that had kept the borders shut for three years ended.  What’s happened since then and what can we expect? No economy that took a conservative approach to the pandemic and implemented border closures, quarantine requirements and strict local precautions was unscathed by the experience.  China stands out slightly due to […]

Navigating the “Now” Normal Part IV | Considerations for Increased Relocation Costs

Part I of this four-part series defined the Now Normal and its general themes, a place we anticipate being until the end of 2021. Part II  explored considerations for assignments during this timeframe, Part III looked at the impact to relocation timelines. In this, our final installment, we look at things from a most critical […]

$ingapore – As Expensive as it Seems?

While “expensive” is open to interpretation, Singapore has been ranked the world’s most expensive city the past five years running. Business Insider reports that the biggest contributing factor to this status is the cost of owning a car.  (The cost of clothing was second.) Driving in Singapore is highly organized with well-kept roadways and drivers […]