Rightsized support for independent moves

Program Overview

As companies strive to attract and keep talent, there is a growing need to provide more support for new local hires and domestic permanent movers.  We have created a robust online program to support domestic and self-guided employee relocations that walks employees through every step of packing up and moving to a new domestic location. This program’s content can be customized to meet the specific needs of the employer such as including benefit support information and by highlighting commutable areas to live, for example also be tailored for the employees.  Current programs are available in English and Japanese languages.

Program Includes

  • Initial consultation
  • Mobile App filled with knowledge that accurately addresses the questions and needs that based upon our years of experience, employees require.
  • Checklist that keeps the process in perspective and cover each aspect of the move from moving out of the current property to moving into the new home.
  • Detailed information on performing a home search and where to search
  • Safety and security overview including how to read a rental property contract and important items to note
  • 2 months or email and telephone support