Ramadan Starts May 6th

The holy month of Ramadan begins for Muslims around the world on May 6th.  There are a few things that non-Muslim expats in our destinations of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia should know. What is Ramadan? This is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar.  Muslims believe that this was the month Allah (God) revealed the […]

Year of the PIg

Happy Lunar New Year!

Between 20 – 25% of the world’s population will be celebrating the holiday which has many names including Chinese New Year and Spring Festival.  Celebrating the return of Spring, it is a time to honor ancestors and family.  The travel home made by millions is the largest migration of humans on the planet. This year […]


Brunei e-Wallet Lanches

A company in Brunei has launched a new, locally focused and zero-fee mobile payment tool. BruPay which is similar to Grab Wallet or Fave out of Malaysia will only service local payments, leaving cross-border transactions to others.  The app is both merchant and consumer friendly, offering solutions for businesses who don’t have card terminals to […]