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More than Meets the Eye

Many people think of Taiwan is a tiny, overcrowded island with not much around except factories. If you only go to Taipei, you might think that false impression is true. However, the island also has an impressive array of natural beauty including mountains, amazing beaches, and gorgeous national park.

Quick Info

  • Currency: Taiwan New Dollar (TWD)
  • Electricity: 110 V, 60 Hz - plug types A and B
  • Languages: Standard Mandarin Chinese (official), Taiwanese
  • Population: 23 million


Most expatriates living in Taiwan rent and there are a wide variety of choices available for lease. In the center of Taipei, prices can be very expensive, but they go down as you get outside of the city. Most people choose to live in condos or apartments near the center of the city, or in houses in the surrounding suburbs.

Typical Costs

Temporary Accommodation
  • 3-bedroom apartment in the center of Taipei:  50,000 – 80,000 TWD
  • 3-bedroom in Taipei suburb:  25,000-35,000 TWD
  • Furnished room in an apartment in the center of Taipei:  4000-8000 TWD
  • Studio apartment in the center of Taipei:  10,000-15,000 TWD


Fun Fact

The national sport of Taiwan is baseball.


For most families moving abroad with children, international schools are usually the first choice---especially for those on short-term work assignments and who do not plan to stay permanently. Children who aren't fluent in Mandarin Chinese will most likely find it difficult to attend a local public school where classes aren't conducted in English.

Typical Costs

Average Cost

Approximately 500,000 TWD for kindergarten through Grade 6; 565,000 TWD for Grades 7 to 12.  These fees don’t include bus transportation, school lunches, or the application fee of 10,000 TWD.  

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Fast Facts

  • School

    Unlike in Western schools where students go from classroom to classroom, Taiwanese teachers are the ones who switch classrooms.

  • Street vendors

    In Taiwan, there's no shortage of things to buy—there are over 290,000 street vendors.

  • Bubble tea

    Bubble tea, or Boba, a drink containing milk and tapioca pearls, started in Taiwan.

  • New Year

    Chinese New Year, considered the most important holiday in Taiwan, is also the longest—it lasts for 15 days!

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