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33°C / 91°F

Destination Overview

A Growing Economy, a Thriving Population

The country is an affordable and safe destination for tourists and expats alike. Vietnam is large enough to have several climate zones, ranging from zones with very hot/wet summers and very frigid winters in the north, to zones that are more temperate year-round.

Quick Info

  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND)
  • Electricity: 127/220 V, 50 Hz, plug types A, C and G
  • Languages: Vietnamese
  • Population: 90,550,000


Like many countries, the cost of accommodations depends on where you choose to live. Expats can live fairly cheaply, but many choose to be in prime areas of the city, which come with larger price tags, but also afford many modern conveniences and more safety as well.

Typical Costs

Temporary Accommodation
  • Furnished apartment in an expensive area:  VND 18,675,000+
  • Serviced apartment in central city locations:  USD 3000-10,000


Fun Fact

The first McDonald's restaurant in Vietnam opened Feb. 8 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City. It served 400,000 customers in the first month of operation and not less than 22,500 during the first 24 hours of operation.


Due largely to the growing expat population, schools in Vietnam have gotten better and more plentiful over the last several years. With this growth also comes an increase in costs, but most feel that the increased fees are worth it for the international curriculum.

Typical Costs

Average Cost

Fees vary for different schools and gradually go up with the age/grade of the child.  In grade 1, fees can be up to VND 300,000,000 (USD 14,200). In Grade 12 fees reach  VND 500,000,000 (USD 23,720).   Additional costs to consider include school supplies, textbook rental, and uniforms.

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Fast Facts

  • Cash or Credit

    If you intend to use your foreign credit card in Vietnam, be sure to notify your home bank prior to arrival.

  • Safety

    Vietnam is a relatively safe and stable country, especially for foreigners. Crime against foreigners is very low and is usually limited to petty theft or scams.

  • Water

    Drinking tap water should be avoided; however, brushing your teeth and using boiled tap water to cook is normally safe.

  • Driving

    It is not recommended to drive oneself in Vietnam, especially motorbikes. There are thousands of motorbike accidents every year in Vietnam with unfortunately many deaths.

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