One Day DSP Programs | Myths and Realities

In 2023, we observed a significant rise in demand for one-day standalone destination services, particularly in home-finding assistance. This surge can be attributed to various factors, including economic uncertainties and evolving trends in employee relocations. However, this shift has presented challenges in service delivery and assignee experience, prompting us to explore further. Our white paper […]

Q2 | 2023 Situation Updates

Our Q2 Reports are out!  This year, we’ve added a separate Visa and Immigration Update.   Our Asia Situation Updates provide an overview of the current situation locally for availability and pricing for those resources arriving assignees need most. Both reports provide updates on all 15 Relo Network Asia locations: Brunei, Cambodia, China,  Hong Kong, […]

New Programs | Supplemental Covid-19 Support

We await the return of our pre-pandemic world, the one with accessible flights, open borders and easy arrivals.  In the interim, we have created some helpful services that adjust existing benefits packages to meet today’s challenges. These services were developed and perfected over the past few months as Asia began to emerge from the lock […]