Challenges to the Assignee Experience | Part 3 of 3

Part III of the Assignee Experience | Service Delivery In this ongoing series exploring the assignee experience during the destination service delivery, we look at services delivered after the quarantine period. Our initial installment reflected on the new complications inherent in today’s pre-arrival and arrival processes while in the second installment we examine how the assignee […]

Alert: Wuhan, China

February 13, 2020 Update Cathay Pacific is keeping a very good list of travel restrictions by country: February 4, 2020 Update: Here are some good additional resources regarding the coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions: International SOS did  a presentation recently, here is the link to their recorded presentation: Many thanks to International SOS […]

Jakarta traffic

7 Days, 1,000 Traffic Violations

Newly installed traffic cameras in Jakarta, Indonesia catch 1,000 moving violations during the first week in operation. Not every country interprets traffic rules the same way or enforces them to the same degree.  There are many countries in Asia where we recommend assignees hire a car and driver rather than make the necessary adjustments to […]