Q2 | 2023 Situation Updates

Our Q2 Reports are out!  This year, we’ve added a separate Visa and Immigration Update.   Our Asia Situation Updates provide an overview of the current situation locally for availability and pricing for those resources arriving assignees need most. Both reports provide updates on all 15 Relo Network Asia locations: Brunei, Cambodia, China,  Hong Kong, […]

Q1 | 2023 Asia Situation Update

Overall, there has been a stabilization reported in many countries. The pace of change has stabilized. However, the costs and pricing continue, in most cases, to remain high. In other words, we have not reverted to the status quo of prepandemic availability and pricing. What is happening is more of a reset that considers lower […]

Notice: Appointments for Hong Kong ID Card

Our Hong Kong team has alerted us to a reduced availability of the number of walk-in appointments for Hong Kong ID applications. As of February 1, it was reported that daily walk-in appointments were limited due to increased demand from the recent border opening with Mainland China.  The recent change now makes accompaniment to the […]