Credit Saison Introduces Rental Guarantees to Simplify Housing for Foreign Residents in Japan

Credit Saison has unveiled a new service to address the standard requirement of a guarantor in Japanese rental agreements to streamline the rental process for foreign residents in Japan. The initiative will help to ease the challenges expatriates and newcomers face when seeking accommodation in the country.   In Japan, corporate leases are preferred by […]

Asia Ranks High in World’s Most Livable Cities

Several Asian cities were ranked highly for EIC’s World Most Livable Cities list.   Among cities ranking 80 points or higher, the following locations in Asia secured their spots on the list: Japan Osaka Tokyo  Taiwan Taipei Taichung Seoul Singapore Several Chinese cities including Shanghai and Beijing dropped slightly lower this year, but still ranked […]

Webinar Invite: Who will be the next Asian Mega-Hub?

Searching for the Next Asian Mega-Hub: Hong Kong, Singapore, or Tokyo? These three metropolises are locked in a fierce competition to determine the dominant Asian business hub of the future. As the region slowly emerges from the pandemic, many dynamics are at play at all three locations – some social, some economic, and some political […]