Live and communicate effectively

Program Overview

Our in-person Cultural Training Program prepares assignees and families to live and communicate effectively with their new colleagues and neighbors. This one or two-day program provides an overview of personal culture and host culture while giving a framework for navigating the differences between the two. Programs are customizable to the needs of the assignee and can prioritize content to focus on business or more on personal interactions and social aspects of the new culture.  Participants will better understand the challenges faced and be armed with tools to succeed.

Program Includes

  • Review of personal values
  • Profile of local history and core values
  • Basic etiquette dos and don’ts – personal and professional
  • Dealing with culture shock – personal and professional
  • Daily living information
  • Working culture in the location
  • Business etiquette and manners
  • Student and host cultural framework
  • Intercultural communication best practices