Every day, thousands of people cross the border between Singapore and Malaysia.  Steps are being taken to ease some of the associated challenges.

Malaysia and Singapore are home to the area’s highest-traffic border crossings.  Some border crossings are used to take advantage of recreational offerings located in each country.  Singaporeans enjoy the golf and Malaysians can visit the Universal Studios on Sentosa.

Close proximity between Singapore’s Central Business District and Johor Bahru in Malaysia also mean commuter traffic during the week as well.

Travel between the two countries is about to get much easier.  In a recent announcement, a new smart card will permit payment of charges in both countries.  Holders of the new Combi Card will be able to pay for tolls and parking in Singapore and Malaysia.  Malaysians will also gain the ability to use specific ATM cards  across the border later this year.  Singaporean ATM cards already are accepted in hundreds of locations around Malaysia.

The new agreements are a next-step in ongoing partnership between the two countries and are a welcome convenience for residents.

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