On January 8, Zero-Covid policies that had kept the borders shut for three years ended.  What’s happened since then and what can we expect?

No economy that took a conservative approach to the pandemic and implemented border closures, quarantine requirements and strict local precautions was unscathed by the experience.  China stands out slightly due to the length of time these policies were kept in place and the strict enforcement of them.

For our friends and colleagues in China, we are happy for the freedom of movement, ability to reconnect with friends and family and the start down the path towards a more normal life.  For our business, we are preparing for a busy year of helping employees and families as assignments and relocations to China begin to pick up again.

We expect there to be many similarities between China’s reopening process and what we have experienced in our other 14 countries that removed Covid restrictions in 2022.   But this is China and the country comes with additional complexities due in part to it’s size and domestic diversity as well as its unique position on the world stage.


In celebration as much as in preparation, we offer two new reports.

In our whitepaper “China Beyond the Headlines” we examine the impact to China’s economy.  More importantly, we look at the impact of reopening on China and the surrounding Region.


Our “China Snapshot and Update” is an enhanced version of our overview document.  The most important information on housing, government compliance, transportation and more is quickly accessed through this piece and accompanied by current status updates from our China team.


Since 2016, Relo Network Asia has been delivering visa, immigration and destination services across China. Our local team of Relo Specialists and Destination Consultants expertly guide assignees and their families for cross-border assignements as well as domestic relocations.

We recognize that many relocation consultants may have changed roles, recently started or may not have had the opportunity to work on China focused moves over the past three years. We would be happy to provide a China Overview presentation to help reacquaint your team with the information necessary to provide excellent services.

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