In Asia and around the world, we saw substantial advancement towards easing restrictions on movement and businesses.   This week, Brunei, Cambodia, Japan (with exception of Tokyo) and Thailand join the list of countries where we are able to deliver traditional face-to-face destination services.

Service delivery remains suspended only in India, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

As represented in our revised format, we are now closely watching borders and immigration while we prepare for the arrival of currently on-hold assignees.  The ability to cross borders relies on these two factors.  For assignees waiting outside the country with approved papers, border openings and the availability of flights are the next hurdles.  Assignees who have not started applications or who are in the midst of the process will likely face some additional delays.

Only Brunei, India, Indonesia and the Philippines have closed immigration offices or processing.  Of the countries currently in operations, different scenarios are slowing progress.  As you read through the report, you can see which locations are only processing applications for those in-country, only processing renewals or are experiencing delays due to lockdowns in the location of consulates.

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