June 30th is an approaching deadline for travel bans and lockdowns in multiple locations.

Thailand and Vietnam both have border bans set to expire on the 30th of this month.  Myanmar’s flight ban, Jakarta, Indonesia’s emergency response and India’s national lockdown and school closures all also expire officially on that same deadline.  We can hope the deadline wasn’t arbitrarily set, however in the case of India at least, the increasing infection rates likely necessitate continued containment measures.

Yet Vietnam has recently opened the door with DoLISA in Ho Chi Minh City announcing a list of over 1,000 foreign nationals working for 500+ countries who are approved to enter Vietnam for work in July.  Taiwan has also loosened restrictions on foreigners and starting June 29th, will begin accepting applications for a list of approved business and student activities while Cambodia are allowing cross-border travel with Vietnam for non-tourism purposes to resume.

It seems at times we take three steps forward and two steps back, but at least we seem to be making slow and steady progress..

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