We await the return of our pre-pandemic world, the one with accessible flights, open borders and easy arrivals.  In the interim, we have created some helpful services that adjust existing benefits packages to meet today’s challenges.

These services were developed and perfected over the past few months as Asia began to emerge from the lock downs prevalent earlier in 2020.  The constant fast-paced changes prevent us from knowing every eventuality, but we have learned enough to know that, while the exact details may change, there are some common elements.  These present unique challenges to the assignee experience that require support never previously envisioned.

Relo Network Asia has been helping clients solve the problems created by COVID-19 since January.  We have developed multiple service programs to address the full circle stages of the pandemic from complete lock downs to high case counts and the normalization of life under the additional precautions and protocols necessary until the world defeats the virus.

Emergency Arrival and Departure ServicesAssignee support during lockdowns when resources are scarce, change happens by the minute and when assignees either arrive under such circumstances or are prevented from returning due to them.


Virtual and Contactless ProgramsReady and available to assist during outbreaks when risk of infection in a location is high.



Traditional DSP with Safety Protocols:  Today’s most common service requested is our traditional or contracted programs incorporating protective equipment, extra sanitation and distancing protocols to protect our team and yours.  Elements of virtual services are also incorporated to keep progress going and reduce down time due to quarantine.


And now we have available the Pandemic Supplemental Support ProgramsThese add-on services guide assignees through the new and unknown arrival procedures and quarantine requirements.

What’s changed?  Everything.

  • Boarding a plane to the destination is different and requirements vary to include pre-boarding testing, health declarations and insurance requirements. Timing of the flight can also be dictated by the local permitted window in addition to the current low-availability of flights.
  • Arriving is more challenging than a pleasant check at immigration and dropping off a customs declaration. There can be testing upon arrival and long wait times for results before release to home or quarantine location.  Wearing of monitoring devices and mobile tracking apps can be required as can proof of appropriate place to reside.
  • The hotel or temporary residence may be assigned by the government, restricted to specific locations or perhaps booked in advance. Whatever the first location, it may be “home” for 14 days of quarantine.
  • Local precautions and regulations are likely different from the departure location both in requirements and in the severity of repercussions for not following them. Must masks be worn?  Inside and outside?  Are their monetary fines or jail time for violations?  The answer is YES in many Asian countries creating a security risk for assignees and a PR liability for employers.

Our Pandemic Supplemental Support Programs do not alter the traditional destination service programs or company benefit policies, but provide the appropriate time and resources to the temporary, new steps in the process.

The Arrival Support Program is designed to advise on the critical aspects of border crossings today including pre- and post-arrival testing requirements, health reports, arrival and quarantine procedures, monitoring apps and devised as well as local regulations and repercussions. The Arrival Support Package adds in a help-line for the 14 days quarantine to assist with language translation and support.  Depending on the location and the local situation at the time of arrival, additional services for booking qualified quarantine facilities and transportation are available.

You can view the full service scopes on our website or download a copy of our Pandemic Supplemental Support Programs brochure.


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