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Report Highlights:

  • Demand for housing in Brunei has increased, putting pressure on the limited expat property sector.
  • Cambodia expat rental prices have lowered.  A 2-day home finding is recommended.
  • Lack of language skills complicates expats’ adoption of local payment apps in China, Shanghai, Beijing.
  • Hong Kong’s rental market is firm but balanced, unlike international schools, where waitlists are common.
  • Due to increased demand, prices for housing, international schools, and all goods and services have risen in Indonesia and Jakarta.
  • Housing shortages continue in Tokyo, Japan, with high demand impacting international schools. Three days of home-finding support are recommended.
  • Seoul, Korea, maintains a high demand for expat apartments, with rents rising.
  • Macau continues to be stable, limited only by the small number of international schools, serviced apartments, and furniture rental companies.
  • Demand for expat housing and international schools in Malaysia has risen sharply.  The recommended minimum home finding support is two days, but it may increase. Kuala Lumpur
  • Expats to Myanmar are opting to come alone and live in serviced apartments or hotels.
  • The expat rental housing prices have increased significantly.  Decreasing availability is likely to follow in Manila, Philippines.
  • Singapore expat demand remains high.  Tenant rental commission shows some flexibility in the high-end market. Placements in international schools remain low.
  • Taiwan is experiencing increasing rental property demand, and pricing is soon to follow.  2 days of home-finding support are recommended in Taipei.
  • Expat accommodations are becoming scarce, and costs are rising in Thailand.  Places are top international schools are scarce. Bangkok
  • Demand from expats and domestic relocation is putting pressure on housing costs in Vietnam. Living expenses have increased by 20% over 2022. Hanoi
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