Our teams highlight recent changes impacting expatriate assignments into our 15 destination locations.

The meteoric rise in prices for Singapore and Japan seems to have slowed and in some cases stalled. Like other countries which opened borders earlier, things have stabilized at high levels of demand and costs. Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines have yet to reach their peaks and are still experiencing increasing demand for expatriate resources.

Countries continue on the path towards digitalization of the visa process. Brunei and Singapore are working through the kinks associated with the implementation of new application procedures, lengthening the approval process by weeks or more. Changes to the Taiwan visa process are expected in the coming months that should help improve application times. Taiwan’s new system is also anticipated to make tracking of visas easier, along with greater opportunity for increased fines for violations.

Our Asia Situation Updates will provide further details by country. As the crisis of inflation we began the year with fades, we will be looking to improve our reports for next year to ensure they meet the challenges faced today.

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