China has announced a reduction in quarantine time for international travelers arriving into the country.

New quarantine requirements:

  • Centralized Facility Quarantine will now be for 7 days

  • Home Health Monitoring will now be 3 days

    • You may see this reported as 7+3

Previously, quarantine at centralized facilities was 14 days and home health monitoring, seven or 14+7.

The move coincides with the announcement that Shanghai and Beijing are both Covid-free after extreme lockdown measures in both locations.

China still maintains a “Zero-Covid” policy and it can be expected to continue previously used measures, including localized lockdowns and domestic movement restrictions, on future outbreaks of the disease.  The shortening of the quarantine period is welcome, however to ease the pressure on assignments into the country.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions about relocation into and throughout China.  Our team continues to assist with domestic and cross-border moves providing visa, immigration and destination service support.

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