The Relo Network Asia team continues to prepare for the future of Global Mobility.  We have updated our Second Best Case Scenario Handbook to present the breadth of options for destination services from traditional to contactless.

Service delivery is back to or approaching business as usual in 40% of our destinations, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.  Operations in other locations remain inhibited by stay at home orders and closure of non-essential businesses, which can include relocation work, real estate, and household goods moving.

The new Handbook includes:

  1. Emergency Support Programs
    • For arrivals and departure
    • For ongoing local support
    • For corporate reorganization
  2. Traditional DSP
    • Safety and security for face-to-face delivery
    • Service modifications under Stay at Home orders
  3. Virtual Programs (Non-traditional DSP programs with limited contact)
    • Self-guided support via our app
    • Remote support program
    • Virtual Visit
  4. Contactless Programs (Contact free versions of Traditional DSP)
    1. Orientation
    2. Home Search
    3. Settling In
    4. School Search

Our team has actively been assisting assignees caught in countries due to closed borders or those arriving into movement-restricted locations through the Emergency Support Programs.  They have also been quite busy with lease renewals and temporary housing programs.

As business begins again, delivery of traditional destination services, including area orientation, home finding and settling in programs has resumed within the new safety protocols.  Program recipients have primarily been assignees who are already in-country.   We expect that as borders reopen, in whatever form that may take, assignees who have been waiting in their home countries will begin to arrive in Asia.  What remains to be seen is what services those assignees will prefer.  Will there be a concern about coming into contact with others?  Will that concern override more typical ones such as where to buy groceries, how to open a bank account, or ride public transport?

Across the board, businesses and industries have worked to remove the physical contact elements of their operations.  Groceries can be ordered online and delivered contactless.  Payments are taken online instead of physically handling credit cards or cash.  Vehicles can be shopped for or repaired without human contact.  Medical professionals are even providing e-visits using web conferencing systems, at least for initial consultations.

We have not experienced an increase in initiations for virtual programs, and so far, requests for contactless or limited contact programs have yet to materialize.  In the end, it is best to be prepared, and through these programs our team is ready.

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