Good News for Borders on the Horizon

Plans are either underway or starting soon to soften arrival requirements, flight restrictions and quarantine timeframes in several locations.

Pre-arrival testing has been dropped in India for fully-vaccinated arrivals from 82 countries.  Indonesia has reduced quarantine for fully-vaccinated entrants to 5 days and soon, those with boosters may only need quarantine for 3 days.  Singapore has reduced Stay Home Notice to 7 days for long-term passholders.  In addition, LTP holders in Singapore will no longer need a Vaccinated Travel Pass or Entry Approval.

Singapore and Malaysia have restored the full capacity for travel under their Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL).  Malaysia and Brunei have agreed to pursue a VTL and a VTL between Singapore and Philippines is set to begin 3 March. Singapore also announced more VTL’s with Hong Kong, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel.

Also just announced for Japan, effective 1 March:

  1. Entry cap raised from 3,500 to 5,000 people per day
  2. Entry by foreign nationals for the purposes of business or study is (in principle) accepted
  3. Screening certificate process eliminated and replaced by TBA online application process to be completed by sponsoring entity
  4. Quarantine period reduced to three days if negative test result shown on day three (of seven)

We are still awaiting all the final details and will share more when things become clearer.

Opening borders are bringing the next set of challenges.  In some locations, there is limited housing inventory and multiple bids on those properties which are available.  Our talented team in Singapore will conduct our next public webinar on the current situation and effective strategies to secure housing in these charged times.  You can read more details and register for the 24 February event.


You can download a copy of this report here.

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