Newly installed traffic cameras in Jakarta, Indonesia catch 1,000 moving violations during the first week in operation.

Not every country interprets traffic rules the same way or enforces them to the same degree.  There are many countries in Asia where we recommend assignees hire a car and driver rather than make the necessary adjustments to a foreign driving situation.  Sometimes the recommendation is prompted by language barriers and lack of signage translation.  Other times there can be real safety issues and it’s not worth the risk.

Jakarta is well-known for it’s heavy traffic.  A home finding service that would take 2 days elsewhere can take 3-4 days here.  In addition to some drivers loose interpretation of driving laws, there are large contingents of motorbikes that weave in and out of traffic.  And despite hands-free laws, many drivers till use phones while operating a vehicle.

In an effort to change all that, officials have installed traffic cameras to promote better compliance and safer roads.  In addition to speed and turns on red, cameras can capture what’s happening inside a vehicle including seat belt usage and mobile phone use.  Cameras began operation on July first and more cameras are planned for installation shortly.

Not everyone is having an easy transition.

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