Happy Holi

It feels like a good time for the world to remember and cherish the virtues of love, devotion and goodness.  I am grateful to have some positive news to share in this week’s report.

Vietnam now permits visa-free travel of up to 15 days for several countries while also reinstating pre-pandemic immigration policies and procedures.  Cambodia resumed issuing visa on arrival and business evisas and the Philippines is loosening entry restrictions for fully-vaccinated foreign arrivals.    In Korea, fully-vaccinated travelers will be exempt from quarantine in the coming weeks and will be able to again use public transport upon arrival. Japan continues to reclassify countries to “low risk”, which waives the quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated and boosted arrivals.

*Updates:  Since the publication of the weekly report, we also have news of the following:

  • CAMBODIA: No longer requires pre-arrival testing on international arrivals.
  • JAPAN: Is set to end the last of the quasi state of emergencies on 21 March
  • KOREA:  Starting 1 April, ARC holders who depart Korea for less than 1 year will no longer be required to apply for a re-entry permit.

As countries continue on the path to reopening and reduce the barriers to entry delays for visa processing and limited availability on resources including flights and hotels are to be anticipated.  Our team is working at full speed to mitigate as much disruption as possible and we are grateful for your partnership as we go through this next challenge together.

You can download a copy of this report here.

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