Visas and New Procedures.

In the biggest news for the week, India is opening its borders to foreign nationals with the exception of tourists. Effective immediately, India is now processing non-tourist visas for all nationalities which permits business travelers and new employees to enter.  Flights remain restricted, however and those wishing to enter India must do so via chartered transportation into specific ports of entry.

Thailand has opened its borders to tourist with a minimum stay of 30 days and a maximum of 270 days.  Unfortunately, the visa cannot be used for business travel. Japan and Malaysia have both added new requirements for arriving assignees.  In Japan, any assignee who cannot speak Japanese will require a company HR representative to make mandatory health status updates via the LINE app.  In Malaysia, expatriates permitted to enter the country will be required to apply for Entry Permission of Approval via the MYEntry system.

We have continued our series Navigating the “Now” Normal to explore the interim period between crisis and the return to normality. As we explore in-depth our thoughts on re-starting global mobility during this timeframe, this week we focused on considerations for increasing relocation costs.







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