Our Hong Kong team has alerted us to a reduced availability of the number of walk-in appointments for Hong Kong ID applications.

As of February 1, it was reported that daily walk-in appointments were limited due to increased demand from the recent border opening with Mainland China.  The recent change now makes accompaniment to the appointment by our visa or destination consultant more challenging.  We recommend that assignees reserve a date and time on the immigration website:  www.gov.hk./residents/immigration/idcard/hkic/bookregidcard.html

The Hong Kong ID Card (HKID) is a requirement for all residents of Hong Kong.  Upon entering the country, a landing slip is issued by immigration / border control.   The application for the HKID must be made within 30 days of arrival and is typically completed as the last step in the immigration process.

The HKID is a critical document.  It serves as a personal identification required for applications for all public services from health care to banking.  As such, it should be applied for as soon as possible when relocating to Hong Kong.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information requirements, the individual must make the appointment.  Our consultant will be unable to do so on behalf of the assignee or family members.

If accompaniment is needed, the team can do so, however it is not guaranteed to receive a time-slot or to make the application during the visit.

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