The film Crazy Rich Asians made Singapore’s Changi airport globally-known for its butterfly garden.  Beyond being a visitor’s paradise, the airport is a technological wonder.

It starts with Peter.

PETER the robot

Peter helps keep things moving at the curbside, displaying information on his large video screen and using his speakers to advise those who have violated the stopping rules to move along.

The robot is connected to the Smart Operations Center which can view the live-stream of events in addition to much more.  The center also receives information from multiple other sources which it uses to take actions like changing the direction of elevators in order to improve crowd control.

Sensors are found across the airport and parking facilities and are aggregated to a centralized database.  Security teams also input information into an app that adds to the collective information.   The implementation of the latest technology helps make operations at Singapore’s airport the most efficient at every moment, so everyone can enjoy the butterflies and waterfalls.

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