The solar date of Saturday, January 25th will be celebrated around the world, but especially in Asia.

Well-known globally as either the Lunar New Year, Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, the holiday is an important one inside and outside of China.  The timing of the holiday follows the lunar cycle and is celebrated upon the first new moon of the year.

2020 is the Year of the Rat.  The Chinese zodiac celebrates them as the first zodiac animal and they are a symbol of wealth and surplus inside China.

Celebrated for thousands of years, the holiday is steeped in tradition.  There are special foods, activities and clothing.  It is also the day that couples give money inside red envelopes to children, unmarried adults and parents.  The act has gotten a modern spin lately.  Millions of red envelopes, or red packets are now delivered via WeChat, Alibaba and Baido.

Celebrations will begin on New Year’s Eve, January 24th.  In China, most businesses will be closed from the 24th through the 30th.  In many other countries, including our office locations, offices may be closing early on the 24th and closed on the following Monday the 27th.  While the Relo Network Asia team will always be available, delivering services or receiving responses from others during the holiday may be difficult.

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